Lancaster Coastline

Lancaster Coastline

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Built with modern methods and materials, the Lancaster Coastline provides ultimate protection from harsh coastal conditions, while showcasing the look of an authentic carriage house door.

This fully vinyl faced door offers an oversized window section with precision milled one piece overlays. These doors have a vinyl laminated steel exterior providing the best protection from coastal elements.

Built with a five layer sandwich-type construction using pre-finished materials (steel + insulation + steel + vinyl + PVC overlay). The 1-3/8’’ polystyrene core and a thermal break between inside and outside skins result in R-value of 6.7.

​The one-piece sheet of PVC eliminates seams in overlay. ​And the 100% PVC face resists fading and offers much better color stability than “composite” type overlays. The exterior face of the door is a totally smooth, vinyl field and has smooth vinyl overlays, without any woodgrain steel.