The Medallion door is our finest wood door. It delivers the elegance and beauty of a stained real-wood door. Or it can be a carefully crafted paint-grade door, ready for your custom paint finish.

Standard core frame is an LVL (laminated veneer lumber) stile and rail frame with a urethane insulated foam core and smooth, exterior-grade Mahogany Luan panels pressure laminated on both sides for added strength. The frame has a calculated R-value of 9.1. Hardwood overlay face frames are coped together with hidden pocket hole and screw joinery. These are high-pressure bonded to the core frame for tight seams.

The lites are simulated divided ones that feature both exterior and interior grilles. The profiled edge milling gives a rich, architectural detail. Window muntins interlock together with the sub-frame. Standard window glass is Double-Strength clear glass. The frame overlay is milled with profiled Ovalo edges to add elegant detailing. Square edges are a no-cost alternative edge finish.

There are no exterior fastener filler marks, because fastening to the core frame is NOT done thru the front face. A square kerf accentuates the look of the door style selected by defining the swing, bifold or trifold look of the door.

The bottom rail is designed to shed water, to help preserve the wood frame and panels. And the bottom astragal is an EPDM rubber mounted in an aluminum retainer.